Wednesday, 8 February 2017

New Album Details - Godvoice 2

Work is nearly completed on the new Dröne album. It will be released in 2017 through Black Winter Recordings.

It will be titled Godvoice 2. We like to think it is our most ambitious effort yet.

We will also be looking for put on some shows after it comes out so keep an eye out for when they get announced! A new song will be released soon...


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

2016 Update

I realise I haven't been in touch on here for a long time! (2 years?!)

Anyway, thought I'd give you all an update. Dröne is still a thing. We're still mainly a two piece.

I've been getting a lot of emails and messages asking about Thalassemia status/release date etc. I will be brutally honest right now. That is sitting on my shelf and won't be released for a while yet as I got burned out writing and recording it to the point where I just wasn't enjoying the music as much and I feel the overall product sounds stale and poor quality which I couldn't possibly release to you guys.

During my last post I also took a little time away from music because I just wasn't in the headspace anymore and lost all interest but suffice to say I'm back with some new tones, feeling refreshed and ready to go.

We are currently working on our new album which will be out later this year. It is currently untitled but obviously watch this space as there will be a title announced soon, I suspect!

Once the album is done and wrapped I will be looking to put together a small UK tour so the promoters that were in touch last year, you fire away again with your emails and hopefully we'll get something sorted out!

Some of the sounds and riffs I've been working on are sounding very different from a typical Dröne record and I'm super excited to finalise everything and just unleash upon you all.

Anyway, that is all for now. Keep it low, keep it slow.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Thalassemia Update

Don't worry guys, we are still working on the new album! The artwork has changed ever so slightly. 

It will be put out through my label Black Winter Recordings. No official date yet but rest assured it will be announced when I know!

After the album has been released we will be looking to hopefully put together a small tour so if any promoters want to get in touch, now is the time to do it!


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ghosts in the Mountain - SUBsonics

A few years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to play alongside Baahl and The Salamander Institute in a live, collaborative improvisational set.

SUBsonics is the product of that performance. With varying soundscapes ranging from mellow ambient right through to harsh noise. We have finally managed to get the recordings to sound how we wanted them to and are ready to unleash them upon the world! Stayed tuned for a release date/samples.


Monday, 6 January 2014



With 2014 finally upon us it seems right to make an official statement in regards to the new Dröne album.

The title of the new record is going to be Thalassemia. The plan is for it to be released through Black Winter Recordings around mid to late Summer 2014.

As most of you know this will be the first Dröne record to feature Scott and oh boy is it sounding good! Any of you that follow my Soundcloud can already get some glimpses to the kind of musical direction this album will be going as I will be putting up some demos every now and then.

For those who want to follow my Soundcloud the link is below as well as a short snippet of some riffs and ideas for the new album.

I can't wait to unleash some final official tracks for you!


Friday, 8 November 2013


Dröne has existed as a solo endeavour for me for nearly 8 years. With each year I have pursued bigger and bigger things, musically speaking. And in terms of the production and noises on my recent albums it is becoming harder and harder to produce in a live environment by myself.

Becoming a two piece is something I have considered for a long time and I even did a live show a couple of years back with help from a friend. 

For those that don't know, I have worked with Scott on various musical projects in the past. He was looking to get back into music after being out of action for a while right at the time I decided I wanted to venture forward with a second member. Seemed like a done deal!

With this in mind WHITE will be the last official release of Dröne as a solo project. It will be released in December through my label Black Winter Recordings. After that, all future Dröne records will be as a duo. 


Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Sorted out the online shop on here, added some items/links to buy the stuff. I will be adding more merch and things soon.


Sunday, 13 October 2013


Well as I'm sure some of you know, I was in a band called Godzilla on Demand. We went on a bit of a hiatus for a while.

Well, we've been busy churning away at some new riffs and tunes and have a new album coming out this year (hopefully). It is a concept album entitled Metrocity Part. 1: The Escape.

Here is a short sample from the album. One of the shorter tracks entitled The Burning Girl. This is only a 3 or so minute sample, the full track is around 7 minutes.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

SHOWS IN 2013...

It is looking quite likely that there will be a number of Dröne shows this year. I have had quite a few offers coming in asking if I would be interested, which I am. It was just a case of every previous show I have played has been a bit of a task to set up given the nature of my music and how layered it is it can prove quite difficult to translate into a live setting when there is only myself involved.

However, I have recently invested in some tools to allow me to make it a bit easier and a [hopefully] better listening experience for you guys.

I will post up more information and obviously the dates once I know more but keep checking back here and on the Facebook page for updates.


Wednesday, 10 July 2013


There will be two new Dröne releases coming out in the next few months. Both of which will be released through my Black Winter Recordings label.

The first one is a short-run cassette entitled WHITE. Featuring 3 brand new tracks. It should have been out by now but sadly there have been some complications with the dubbing of the tapes so it has been held back.

I'm also currently putting together some materials for a new CD-R release which is currently untitled.